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Restoration Forestry

Recreating Old-Growth Forests

Once an old-growth forest is cut down, can it be recreated? After almost all the large trees are gone and the land is cut up by roads? After the soil is exposed to direct sun and rain and erosion has lowered its productivity? After the streams are filled with sediment and the fish populations plummet? Recreating Old-Growth Forests

Forest Management and Fires

Each summer and fall the fire season explodes and the news is filled with stories of burning homes and thousands of brave men and women fighting fires and risking their lives protecting communities. It’s a giant annual event and its getting worse. In July 2008, lightning storms ignited thousands of fires in California that burned Forest Management and Fires

Global Cooling Forest Management

Everyone is green these days. Even the giant oil companies are flooding the airwaves with green marketing campaigns. It sounds promising, and many positive things seem to be taking shape in response to the climate challenge. But, if you look closely, much of it is less than it seems. For example, forestry is at the Global Cooling Forest Management

Redwood or Teak for Outdoors?

We hear this question often. Its a great question and an interesting story. Teak is now the most widely used outdoor wood in the U.S. with a well deserved reputation for durability in any outdoor weather. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor furniture or structures if you want it to last. Teak sold in the Redwood or Teak for Outdoors?

Tree Planting 101

In December ’99, we planted our first 2,000 Redwood trees. It seemed straightforward and we were excited to finally reach this phase in the restoration work. After years of hard labor thinning the overgrown young forest of excessive hardwoods and suppressed dying trees, we looked forward to the forest slowly becoming mostly Redwoods again. The Tree Planting 101

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