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Mini Landscapes

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One of our customers, Ms. Sharon, from Sonoma County, CA has been making gorgeous intricate mini landscapes that are truly magical. She has been using Forever Redwood for some of her boxes. Below are some photos of her landscapes that are enclosed in Redwood boxes with polycarbonate covers that measure between 6′ x 2′ and 5′ x 5′ depending on the theme and layout.


Images of The Underwather Miniature Fairy Garden. Wooden Planter Box made out of redwood by Forever Redwood.
landscape_01 landscape_02 landscape_03 landscape_04 landscape_05 landscape_06 landscape_07
Images of the Golf Course Miniature Fairy Garden Planter Box (5′ x 5′) made by Forever Redwood
landscape_08 landscape_09 landscape_10 landscape_11 landscape_12 landscape_13
Image of the Zen Miniature Fairy Gardens
landscape_14 landscape_15 landscape_16 landscape_17

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