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Mr. Larsen’s Hot Tub Pavilion

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Mr. Larsen’s wrote us telling their experiences with the Hot Tub Pavilion who he bought from us. Here their words:

Evenin’ Raul. Got half way there – will finish tomorrow. Was challenging for two out of shape 50-something-year old guys. Looks beautiful. Very substantial; not some cheap thing. We’re impressed. Will send more pics of the completed pavilion. Regards, Mark

Larsen_03 Larsen_02 Larsen_01
Incomplete Hot Tub Pavilion

Raul Hernandez (CEO of Forever Redwood) commented:

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the update and the photos. If you need a part-time job installing Gazebos, let me know!

Looks great. Glad you and your family are happy with it. I think you can see why we are late with shipments sometimes during our busy season. We are just a bit too much into the quality aspect of the job and cannot rush the orders out of the shop til everything is as perfect as we can make it.

Mr. Larsen wrote:

Hi Raul.

LOL – I couldn’t take that kind of work at my age! I’m glad we have a hot tub to soothe aching muscles 🙂 Almost done. Got the roof installed – just need to complete the roof trim. It is gorgeous – worth every penny. We can be proud of this structure and know it adds value to our property. Appreciate the craftsmanship.

Complete Hot Tub Pavilion

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