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Pictures of Sam’s redwood planters

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Sonoma Planter

The following is an email exchange with our client SamFrom Sam to Raul Hernandez:


I know the picture contest is over, but I thought I’d send a couple of pictures of my redwood planters I purchased from you a few months ago. I used them for my vegetable garden this year.

Thanks, they are working great!


From Raul Hernandez to Sam:

Hi Sam,

Thanks for taking the time. Nice gardening results.

Appreciate your sending the photos.

If you need anything else down the road, email me directly and I will give you special pricing. Who knows, you may need another couple boxes to expand gardening operations next year!

From Sam to Raul Hernandez:

Wow, thank you sir!

Most likely I will buy something more from your great company, just not sure when yet. I want to get an outdoor/patio storage container for various items. Most likely one of your traditional storage benches, or maybe one of the storage barns, in the Eco-Wood style to offset what I already have with the planters. I haven’t made up my mind yet. 🙂

Thanks again!



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