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Can the Angel's Chair accommodate a larger person?

I have an Angel’s Chair on my deck. I am 6’ 2”, 200 lbs. It’s very comfortable even without a cushion. I place my laptop on one of the arms at sunset and do a bit of work as the sun goes down. It’s perfect for a large man. May not be as comfortable if you are under 5’ 8” (the seat is too deep).

Do the armchairs slide fully under your patio tables?

As of May 2009, we’ve implemented a combination of changes that will become permanent so all 3 of our armchair designs will fit under the table’s apron and slide out of sight when not in use. Specifically, we’ve increased the tabletop height of the patio table ½” to 31”. We’ve also decrease the size of the apron from 3 5/8” to 3” and slightly change the way it is bolted to avoid sacrificing any long-term structural integrity. We’ve redesigned the armchairs with the seats and armrests lowered by ½”. These changes are barely noticeable, but will make ordering the armchairs less of a space consuming decision since they will no longer have to sit out nearly 20” as before. Some photos on the site still show the old design, but rest assured that all new table sets now allow the armchairs to slide fully under the table.

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