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Can I buy the anchor kit separately?

We don't normally sell the anchor kits without the pergolas. They are welded by hand and we include them at a discounted price on our site as a convenience to our pergola kit buyers. If you'd like a set, we'll make one for you at the discounted price. If you click on any of the pergola photos on our pergola page, you'll see a larger image of the same photo. Below the photo you'll find a long list of pergola kit prices and the anchor kit is at the bottom of the list. You can click the “add to cart” button and order it online. If you prefer to order via email or phone, just contact us and we'll either call or send an invoice per your instruction. Allow 2 weeks for ship out.

How can your benches/tables be secured to the ground?

Connecting any bench to the ground can be done with off-the-shelf hardware from any hardware store. When we install orders in public places, we usually attach the bottom of the legs to concrete using Simpson Ties. There are many sizes and shapes available. If you let us know what you are planning to purchase and where it will be installed, we can send a couple suggestions or even include the hardware with your order at cost, which is very little.
What we do when we install benches in public undeveloped areas is pour a bit of concrete (2 bags is more than enough). One bag under two of the 4 bench legs is usually sufficient.  Pour the concrete underground about 18 inches and maybe 8 inches in diameter (unless in a snow prone area - then go to below the frost line) and set a metal anchor on the inside of the leg of the bench where it is not visible when walking by. Set the anchor while the concrete is wet so it will set in the concrete. Then attach to the inside of the bench leg with a couple stainless steel deck screws that will not decay. Repeat on other bench side but diagonal. Make sure to measure the bench accurately prior to placing the metal anchors to make sure they'll line up to the inside of the bench legs you want to attach.

How much weight can your Heavy Duty Swing Springs hold?

The Springs are rated as a pair up to 700 lbs, and you can purchase them separately. Our Garden Swings themselves are rated to hold up to 600 lbs. If you require additional weight capacity we can always make some additional reinforcements.

What clearance does the Anchor Kit provide?

The anchors are 1/4"-thick steel. So, by placing them on the concrete they will indeed automatically raise the wood posts off the ground by your required code. Plus, the anchor bolts will not sit completely flush at the base of the anchors, so this will add another 1/32" or so height off the ground.

Also, we recommend taking a few minutes to add some paint (oil-based is best) to the bottoms and first few inches of the posts. Add a couple of coats to make sure they are 100% sealed up. For the tropics where there is an almost endless supply of water, this will make sure the bottom of the posts wick up as little moisture as possible. Since you are using our anchoring kit, the included wood trim pieces will hide the paint at the base of the posts—so if you have old, extra paint lying around, this is a great way to put it to good use.

Will the hardware on your furniture rust?

No! For added durability and to extend the life of your outdoor furniture, we use only STAINLESS STEEL bolts and screws on all of our furniture. There are no nails to create future problems for you. We take care in crafting our furniture down to the last detail.

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