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FAQ - Planter Boxes

Are your planter boxes sealed?

Yes. Our premium sealant is Sikkens Cetol DEK Finish. We use 2 coats inside and outside. You can also choose from a number of different finish options, including ordering your planter without interior treatment—just write us a note as you’re checking out, and we will not use our oil-based sealant inside the box. We will seal the box on the outside only. The planter box will not decay because it is high quality wood.

Can I use your planter boxes inside my home?

We can help you convert our planters for interior use in one of two ways:
We can build a wooden tray that sits outside of the planter box on the floor. The tray would have a copper or plastic insert to hold the water. The tray’s height will be just a couple of inches. The planter would be made the standard way with the 1/4″ drainage holes.
Or—if you prefer—we can build the copper or plastic insert INTO the interior base of the planter without any drainage holes. You can then place pots inside the box.
The trays will cost a small fraction of the price of the planters. Let us know what you need.

Do I need to use a liner in your planters?

No liner is necessary. You can just add dirt and plants.

Do the Massive Planters last longer then the Heavy Duty Planters?

Would the Massive Planters last longer than the Heavy Duty Planters because the wood is thicker?
Structurally they may last longer because they are almost twice as heavy and have almost twice as much wood. But, the Heavy Duty Planters are very sturdy as well for the price.
It is an oil-based sealant, so what we normally do for food growers is to seal the planter box on the outside and leave the inside untreated.  It will not decay because it is high quality Redwood. If you plan on growing food, just let us know when you place your order.

Is your sealant toxic? I want to grow veggies.

It is an oil-based sealant, so what we normally do for food growers is to seal the planter box on the outside and leave the inside untreated.  It will not decay because it is high quality Redwood. If you plan on growing food, just let us know when you place your order.

Which planter is best for me?

It really depends on what you are going to plant.  If you are planting large trees, the Massive Planter is the way to go. If you are planting flowers, small bushes, vegetables or other relatively small plants, the Heavy Duty Planters will do fine. I would recommend the Mature Redwood grade for the moist and snowy Northeast. We have been shipping planters to the East Coast since the 90’s. I understand our boxes may seem a bit expensive at first, but they really are a one time investment. You will not have to replace them in a few years like most wood planter boxes.

Do the legs come with the napa planter or are they priced separately?

The one inch legs are a no cost option. If you want a 6 inch or taller stand, then there is a charge because they are in fact separate structures that attach to the planter. Let us know what size you need. If it is less than 6 inches, we can also include it at no cost as part of the planter itself like we do for the one inch planter.

planter made without a bottom?

Question about the Sonoma Planters - can they be made without the bottom panel (so it sits flat on the ground)? We intend to run an irrigation system up through the bottom of the planter and had envisioned that the planters would rest on the ground. If so how much would that reduce the cost of the planter?

Thank you for your email. We can make any size and any style of our planters for you without a base. Cost is reduced by 12% for doing this. You can use coupon code "*******" at checkout for the 12% discount. Please make sure to enter a note in the comment box at checkout saying you'd like the planter or planters made without a base.

Custom Sizing Most of our Benches and Planter Boxes

For many of our products, we do not charge to custom size. All you have to do is choose the next biggest size offered and then in the comments let us know you want one of them customized. In this case, you only want the Length customized since we offer the width and height you'd like (17 3/4" and 18 1/2" are standard sizes), To adjust the Lengthh, just choose the next standard size we make that is a bit larger (42"), and then in the comment section at checkout let us know that you'd like the Length to be exactly 40 1/2". The width and height you'd like are standard on our site. Just choose them by clicking the green "See More Options" that is above the Add to Cart button. To calculate the exact price, all you have to do is choose the wood grade you'd like the bench made in since we will not charge anything extra please to trim back the length from 42".

For more on the wood grades, please go to: /redwood-furniture/wood-grade

Please let us know if we can answer any other question. Thank you!

Can cleats for planters be screwed into cement?

Yes, you can attach the cleats to concrete. You will have to predrill and use anchor bolts to make sure they hold. When you order the set, please make a note in the comment box that you´d like anchor bolts shipped so you can attach the cleats to concrete and we´ll swap out the usual hardware for anchor bolts.

Planters for Vegetable Garden.

what do you recommend for beginner vegitable  garden. I'd like to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, some other things. What is the good size?
Is 10 by 16 to big?

Your best choice is to go with our Napa Planters. They are less expensive and plenty strong. Redwood grade is the most popular. Comes with a 15 year warranty. Order with only the transparent premium sealant on the outside of the boxes so you do not get any sealant into your soil but can keep the boxes looking great for years.

As far as size, you need some depth. At least a 24 inch deep box so you have 20 inches or so of soil depth. The box base is elevated one inch of the ground and is one inch thick, so you lose 2 inches there. Also you do not fill the boxes to the very rim with soil, so you lose another inch or two at the top.

Width and length depends on how large a garden you are planning. Best to get several boxes so you have more flexibility. If you are going for a 10 ft by 16 ft layout, you can do 4 ft by 4ft boxes with a 2 ft walkway in between them. You would wind up with 6 boxes this way. 4 ft x 4 ft x 24 inches tall.

Hope this helps.

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