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FAQ - Custom Orders

Can you custom make my furniture to a different size?

Yes. We are not an assembly line factory. Each furniture piece is handmade and our staff enjoys custom work like altering the width, height, or options available.
We also custom make new items. If you have a design, we can usually build it. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Can you help me build a custom kitchen nook?

Hello, I am curious to know if your company can build kitchen nook seating. I have a narrow space to work which are the following measurements: 56 would be the max length against a wall and 40 the max length from the wall out. I would like to fit a small rectangular table in the middle. Thanks for your time!

Thank you for your email. I am sure we can make the nook seating for you. We just need you to decide what type of table and benches you’d like and the exact dimensions. A photograph of the nook area would help so we can consider any possible obstacles (power outlets, wood trim, windows, etc…).
Let us know. The guys in the shop love custom work because it takes them away from the daily production work a bit and allows them to be creative.

What if I want to customize my order?

Need a custom order? No problem! Just use the contact form to email us, and we’ll respond promptly to help you out.

Custom Order inquiry. Can you build at least three of these within reasonable costs? Here are the pictures.


Thank you for your email. I am sure we can make 3 of them for you. In Redwood with the webbing and wheels for $1700 for the set of 3 delivered plus tax. What we cannot do is make the cushions also. Are you going to keep the ones you have? We can make cushions too, but that would be at least $500 for the set of 3 to make them waterproof and with a good quality SunBrella brand fabric.

If you want to go ahead, we will need a 50% deposit and then Gladys will begin to prep drawings for you. You will need to do a bit of remeasuring once you get the drawings to fine tune them to make sure the dimensions and angles are all the same as the original and then we can build them.

We have made these before on 2 occasions, but no one ever gets photos back to us. If you would be so kind to give us a bit extra time to make a nice cushion for one and to photograph it extensively, we can add it to the site as Charle's Retro 30's Garden Chair. OK, will have to work on the name...

Let me know. Would be fun to do.

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