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Can I pay with a check?

Yes, you can pay by check. You can just print out the shopping cart page with the items you’d like and the selections you prefer and send a check to the address below. When it arrives, we’ll process the order and ship it out within 3 weeks. If you’d like to get your order going as quickly as possible, we recommend you first call us to place your order or process it online and then send the check out regular mail the same day. This way, the order will get built at least a week sooner.

If you prefer to place the order online, when you get to the credit card field, please enter a valid credit card number and expiration date (the shopping cart needs a valid card to process the order). But, in the comment section just write you are sending a check and to not process the card. All our credit card transactions are checked by the shopping cart automatically to make sure the card is valid prior to issuing an order number. But, the cards are then processed manually in our accounting department. So, if an order has a comment saying check being mailed, the card won’t be processed.

Do you accept payment by PayPal?

Yes, we can do a PayPal order. It has to be done manually, but we do a few every year.

What are your payment policies & financing options?

1. HOW MUCH WILL BE CHARGED TO MY CARD AT THIS TIME? Most orders have a 50% deposit placed initially. Balance is added when the set is completed. Rush Orders are charged in full when processed. If you are making a large order (over $10,000) and choose the discounted (6 weeks) shipping option, we’ll automatically break down the total into 3 equal payments (1/3rd at order time, 1/3rd three weeks later and 1/3rd at ship out six weeks later).
2. FINANCING YOUR ORDER: If you’d like to take advantage of a sale but do not need it right away, consider our interest-free lay-away plan. To place a Lay Away order, add a note in the Instructions/Special Requests box at checkout saying “Lay Away” and include the date you’d like your order to ship (up to 6 months). Choose the discounted shipping option for further savings. The total will be split into equal monthly installments with no interest charge to lock in the sale price for you. For example, a $1,000 order shipping 4 months from now will have 5 equal payments of $200 made (one now and one each month for four months). Layaway orders are available year round and are especially popular in the fall and winter as a way to lock in our off-season sale pricing for the holidays or spring and summer deliveries. To place lay away orders via mail, see below:
3. MAIL ORDERS, PURCHASE ORDERS AND CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED in one of 2 ways: You can print out your completed checkout box and mail to:
Forever Redwood
33710 Annapolis Road
Annapolis, CA 95412
Hand write any notes as necessary or call/email us if you have questions or prefer to order by phone. If you do not use email, please include a phone number. Orders cannot ship without full payment unless payment is with an approved purchase order (see below). You can mail either a 50% deposit or the order total (to insure your completed order is not delayed waiting for the second half payment). The fast way to process a Mail or a Purchase Order is online. To do so, use our default VISA credit card no. 4111 1111 1111 1111 with any expiration date in the future (default card needed to order with our shopping cart). Add a note in the Instructions/Special Requests box at checkout saying “Payment (or Hardcopy signed Purchase Order) being sent by mail.” This way, your order will be placed in our production queue immediately and will be completed faster. We accept purchase orders from city, state and federal government and from all public schools and Universities in the U.S. only. Because of abuse in the past, we are unable to accept purchase orders from outside the U.S. or from private companies or schools any longer.
4. SHIPPING QUESTIONS? Please visit our shipping page for a complete explanation of the options available.

Why are there five different prices for everything?

Why are there five different prices for everything? What are these four different grades of wood? What are the main differences in the three grades of redwood you offer?
Forever Redwood outdoor furniture is available in three grades of Redwood, one grade of Douglas-fir, and one grade that combines these four:
1. Old-Growth Redwood is from trees over 200 years old. When our forests were logged in the 1950’s, many high-quality logs were left on the ground. OGA recovers and mills this exquisite wood. Because of over-logging in the past, Old-Growth redwood is very difficult to find anymore. We offer a 30-year warranty on our Old-Growth Redwood furniture.
2. Mature Redwood is from trees averaging 100 years of age. We offer a 20-year warranty on our Mature Redwood furniture.
3. Redwood is from trees averaging 50 years of age. We offer a 15-year warranty on our Redwood furniture.
4. Mosaic Eco-Wood is a combination of the other 4 grades of wood using hand-jointing techniques to convert small pieces back into “thick-timber” boards. It is made from 100% post-manufacturing recycled material. We offer a 12-year warranty on our Mosaic Eco-Wood.
5. Douglas-fir is a good choice if you’d like one of our furniture designs, but would prefer a more economical alternative to redwood. It comes from trees averaging 50 to 80 years of age, sustainably harvested in accordance with our restoration forestry practices. We offer a 8-year warranty on our Douglas-fir furniture.

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