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FAQ - Storage Benches

What are the interior dimensions of your Storage Benches?

The interior dimensions of the boxes are roughly 2 inches less than the external dimensions. We say "roughly" because the walls are 7/8" thick, but there is also 1 3/4" thick framing on the corners. So, inside, due to the thickness of the walls, you lose 1 3/4" internally. But, on the corners where the framing is you lose 1 3/4" also. The height is 2" less internally for all sizes. If one of our standard sizes is just a bit too small to hold your cushions, but you don’t want to move up to the next highest size, just order the standard sized boxes and in the comment section let us know you need an extra inch or three in height or width or length or any combination thereof. We’ll make the custom size changes of a couple inches for no extra charge.

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