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FAQ - Engraving

Can you add our company initials?

Yes, we offer a custom engraving option. We can place up to 15 letters/spaces per foot. The letters are about 1 1/4" tall. They are stenciled by hand using a computer printout of the phrase, sentence, or passage(s) you'd like to add. Then using a router, the letters are cut into the wood, painted and sanded to leave only the black lettering. The cost is $20 to $30 depending on the number of letters involved. Just let us know what you'd like.

How can I add a memorial plaque to the Luna Bench?

There are a couple of choices for where to place a plaque on the Luna Bench:

  • We can place the plaque on the timber in the front and just below the seat. I'd keep the plaque to a maximum of 3 inches tall. The length can be up to 18 inches if necessary. But, with plaques, our experience is that often times less is more. The plaque would be centered unless you prefer it to one side.
  • The other option is to cut in partially into a few of the backrest slats and inlay the plaque towards the top of the backrest and centered.

An alternative to a memorial plaque is to have us engrave a message across the front board under the seat. It is attractive and will cut down the amount of time to complete the project.

How do I get a memorial plaque made?

Your best bet in terms of getting a plaque made just the way you'd like is to find a local engraver or trophy shop. This way you can touch and feel the different materials available and lay out the plaque's font and spacing just the way you want.

What is the maximum size for a memorial plaque on the Ti Amo Bench?

You can have a plaque up to 3 inches tall and any width you like. The board is 3 3/4" tall. By keeping the height of the plaque to 3 inches, you allow a bit of spacing above and below the plaque which looks best.

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