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THINK SMALL: Shade Structures To Enhance Your Small Outdoor Space

Many of us are blessed with our own “slice of heaven” in the form of outdoor space.

Recognizing that some spaces are smaller than others, we’ve curated a charming collection of small shade structures to enhance your urban backyard, meditation area, corner garden, or secluded walkway. Enjoy!

****Sun Gazebo

Luminous windows invite passersby to enjoy a moment of reflection in the Sun Gazebo with Sliding Doors. This elegant structure is a delightful addition to any space, small or large. Explore Sun Gazebos.

Options pictured: Custom size 6′ L x 6′ W, Douglas-fir, 7′ wall height, no skylight, complete floor, transparent premium sealant. Photo courtesy of T. Standing of Hollywood, CA

****Arched Garden Arbor

Arched Garden Arbor

The Arched Garden Arbor requires little space yet creates a visually arresting feature for your garden, patio, backyard, or business entrance. Explore Garden Arbors.

Options pictured: 96″ W x 96″ D, mosaic eco-wood, transparent premium sealant.


Small Arched Open Sky Pergola

For a beautiful yet simple way to frame a special area of your outdoor space, consider our Small Arched Open Sky Pergola. The design is graceful and airy. And the affordable price point will stretch your dollars. Explore Small Open Sky Pergolas.

Options pictured: Mature Redwood, 8.5′ post height, 4-post anchor kit for stone, brick or concrete (with anchor bolts), transparent premium sealant. Photo (left) courtesy of B. McCusker of Glendora, CA. Photo (right) courtesy of M. Hall of Peoria, AZ.


Small Garden Pergola Kit

The smaller sibling to our Traditional Garden Pergola, the Small Garden Pergola creates secluded passageways and intimate garden settings. Available in a variety of wood grades, trims, and sealants to add character and allure to your outdoor space. Explore Small Garden Pergolas.

Options pictured: Supports and rafters by custom request, Mature Redwood, 9′ post height, 4-post anchor kit for concrete, transparent premium sealant. Photos courtesy of R. Lilley of Guerneville, CA

Ready to start the journey to your perfect shade structure?

Give us a call at (866) 332-2403 or chat us on our website. We welcome your custom requests!

Header Image: Kikue’s Tea House Options: 8′ L x 8′ W, standard wood roof, California Redwood, interior decking, transparent premium sealant. Photo courtesy of B. Jacobson of La Mesa, CA.

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