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Modern Louvered Garden Pergola

We are a Turnkey One-Stop Shop: We design and size with you, then build, deliver and can also install anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Modern Louvered Garden Pergolas have heavy duty louvers as your main roof component of your pergola so you can control the amount of sunlight you want at all times.

They can be built in any size you like.

Modern Louvered Garden Pergola (Options: 16' L x 16' W, 10

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Price from: $6,720.00 to $93,925.00
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The Modern Louvered Garden Pergola is the bridge design between a traditional open roof pergola and a pavilion with a closed roof. You can open and close the louvers as needed to adjust the amount of sunlight you allow in. The louvers stay opened or closed even in a decent wind so you don't have to worry about it flapping about. You can have it any size you like. What is not to like?

  • Background: The Louvered Pergola is a variation on our traditional garden pergola design. Pergolas traditionally were built using the best quality wood available and then left to age and look like they have been there "forever". With the louvers, you have the flexibility to leave the louvers open in winter when sunlight is at a premium and close them on hot days when you need to cool the area. We also offer a fixed louvered option that is a money saver that also gives you a maximum amount of shade and a decent amount of visibility as well.
  • Easy Sizing/Options: Beginin the Build it Your Way section next to the main photo and enter the size you think will work for the space. Then, check the wood grades and other options. Each Pergola is built your way. Our dedicated staff of designers and consultants stay with your ideas until we have something you are completely in love with. Every detail can be a standard option or customized as needed. If you want to add a detail or a size you do not see, just say the word.
  • Built to Last: We are a forestry company. We hand select the best, fattest timbers from our forestlands for your project. Everything is ridiculously over built. All real wood and steel - no plastic/vinyl/ compressed glue/plywood or flimsy hardware or nails. Nothing lasts longer than California Redwood outdoors. We have over 20 years experience building, shipping and installing shade structures all over the country.
  • Easy Design/Sizing Support: Your order's drawings are emailed within a couple days. The drawings are ideal so you don't have to figure it out beforehand. Usually just a couple emails with our design team is all you need until every detail is the way you want. 
  • Details Matter: All joints are notched so your Modern Louvered Garden Pergola will never sag, warp, twist, or shrink. Each timber is finely sanded to a smooth to the touch feel. We use the best sealants on the market. We really do make the best wood shade structures you can buy anywhere. Check the competition carefully. Does any other manufacturer offer up to 30 year decay warranties?
  • You Install or We Install?: Once you sign off on your drawings, your Pergola is fully erected and finely finished in the shop for easy re-assembly. All the stainless steel hardware is included. Just bolt the timbers back together. Most kits go back up in 6 to 8 hours with one helper (see Assembly & Care tab above). And, if you do not want to do the work, we can send our install team anywhere in the U.S.
  • Turnaround Time & Financing: We can build in 2 to 3 weeks, but we recommend ordering 2 to 3 months in advance to have time to fine tune the details via the drawings. You can also take advantage of our 1/3rd deposit option on site to spread out the cash via a couple monthly payments.

To find out more about our one-of-a-kind Modern Louvered Garden Pergolas, or any of our other products, give us a call today, or shoot us an email here. Our kits are easy to assemble, easy to customize, and ship within days of the final plans being set. Even better, we guarantee our products to last a generation, with warrantees that go up to 30 years. Also, don’t forget to ask about our install teams, who can build and install your Pergola for you, right at your house!

Questions? - Download the ebook "Everything you Wanted to Know about Pergolas" for answers to frequently asked questions or please contact our Pergola Specialist. 

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