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Baja Outdoor Redwood Dining Table

We take country style and craftsmanship to the next level with this Baja Redwood Outdoor Dining Table. Designed for up to twelve adult guests, this table is perfect for large family gatherings, dinners, or parties with friends. It’s built tough, rustic, and strong enough to take even the harshest weather; yet it’s elegant enough to put in your dining room.

Baja Outdoor Redwood Dining Table by Forever Redwood

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Price from: $930.00 to $18,140.00

This table is versatile, and can even be converted to hold a patio umbrella, to make a nice cover for the sun or rain. You can order the Baja Redwood Outdoor Dining Table with up to 12 chairs, or long benches that create a dynamic space to sit that won’t take up much room, and is easy to move/adjust. This wood is 100% restored lumber, and it won’t fade, rot, bend, or break over time.

  • Comfortable redwood dining table seats up to 12 adults in sizes from 4 ft. to 8 ft.
  • Tailor it to your tastes easily with in our More Options - tabletop style, chair styles, cushions, chair quantity, half/full benches, corner styles, umbrella holes, stains/sealants, etc.
  • Materials to last a lifetime - our extra thick wood table, finely sanded Redwood that outlasts cedar/teak, stainless hardware and the best weather resistant sealants.
  • Simple Assembly

We guarantee all of our tables and other Forever Redwood products to last a lifetime. And we back it up with our incredible warranties. Call or write to us, and let us know how you want your table designed. You can also choose your specifications and wood type right here online, and we’ll have detailed plans sent to you within a couple of days. These tables are easy to install, and we can even put them together for you, if you live in California!

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