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6th Annual

Photo Contest

11th Annual Photo Contest


Winner: $4,000
San Francisco Redwood Patio Tables with 10 Ruth Redwood Dining Chairs
By Alexis H., Dothan AL
Winner: $2,500
Sheldon's Monkey Bars
By Simran S., Richland, WA
Winner: $1,500
Backyard Pavilion Kits and 2 Forever Picnic Tables (Attached Benches)
By Jody & Bob P., Mitchellville, IA.


Winner: $1,000
Eli's Potting Bench and Custom Pug Bed
By Williams Family., Canton, MS.
Winner: $1,000
30' x 60' Del Norte Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion with Oversized Timbers
By Sandra S., El Paso, TX.

2016 Top 25 Finalists (from over 150 entries)

Photo 1: Custom Pergola Kits
By Darren And Elba L., San Jose, CA.
Photo 2: Kikue's Tea House
By Lynn T., Woodinville, CA.
Photo 3: Attached Garden Pergola
By Casey G., Gainesville, CA.
Photo 4: Attached Pavilion Kit (custom design)
By Andy G., Mt. Prospect, IL.
Photo 5: Custom Pergola Kits
By Brad A., Lincoln, CA
Photo 6: Backyard Pavilion Kits
By Arjun R., Santa Rosa Valley, CA
Photo 7: Arched Pergola with Traditional Wooden Storage Bench
By Bob P., Westlake Village, CA.
Photo 8: Bench Swings (Seats Only)
By David L., Morgantown, WM.
Photo 9: St. Anthony's Face to Face Gliders
By Jack and Monica H., Dothan, AL.
Photo 10: Wooden Garden Pergola covered a San Francisco Table with 2 Ruth Redwood Dining Chairs, 1 Traditional Wooden Storage Bench and 2 Trellis for Planters. In the background you can see a Dream Gazebo
By Tina and Yoel C., Palo Alto CA.
Photo 11: Angel's Wooden Chair
By Kim N., Crawfordsville, IN.
Photo 12: Redwood Adirondack Chair
By John T., Whistler, BC. Canada.
Photo 13: 3 Two-Post Wood Arbors. In the background you can see a Del Norte Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion. Both have a custom trellis. (Entire Wall)
By Michelle and Steven W., Hillsboro, OR.
Photo 14: Arched Pergola Kits
By Nick P., Brandon, FL.
Photo 15:Ruth Redwood Rocker
By Terry and Rich H., Newton, NJ.
Photo 16:Octagonal Picnic Table
By Michael G., Ocean Springs, MS.
Photo 17: Forever Picnic Tables (Unattached Benches) In the back ground you can see a 6 Redwood Adirondack Chair
By Peter S., Bedford, NY
Photo 18: Wooden Garden Pergolas
By Roger C., Novato, CA.
Photo 19: Baja Outdoor Redwood Dining Table
By Arjun R., Santa Rosa Valley, CA.
Photo 20: Forever Picnic Tables (Attached Benches)
By Vicki S., Laguna Niguel, CA.
Photo 21: San Francisco Redwood Patio Table with 6 Luna Arch Back Wooden Chair (Armless)
By Loraine P., Walnut Creek, CA.
Photo 22: Forever PicnicTables (Unattached Benches)
By Rebecca T., Lewisville, TX.
Photo 23: St. Anthony's Face to Face Gliders
By Richard L., Waunakee, WI.
Photo 24: 2 Trestle Natural Wood Outdoor Table
By Brewery V. Grand Rapids, MI.
Photo 25: San Francisco Redwood Patio Table
By Tim & Debbie V., Powell, OH.