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Wood Arbor Kits Handcrafted from Redwood

Beauty does not have to be short-lived

When it comes to custom made Redwood furniture, our wood arbor kits are one-of-a-kind.

Make a unique space on your property without taking up too much space, and all the while adding style and function to your yard, patio, or pool area. We make each arbor kit customizable to your individual needs and style requirements.

Take 5 minutes and call (866) 332 2403. Let us show you how easy it is to build your dream yard.

Entryway Arbor

A well-built, finely designed Entryway Arbor adds old-fashioned elegance to any space. Good quality natural wood brings natural warmth to any space. If you have been day-dreaming of adding warmth and elegance to a walkway or entryway, let us know roughly the size you'd like. Our designers will work with you to make the arbor meet your space perfectly.

Garden Arbor Bench

Sometimes you need a special nook to get away. A bit of greenery, a few birds hanging about and your own Garden Arbor Bench, built to the size you want, can be the perfect choice for your garden. The benches are comfortable and sturdy. The thick timber construction will hold up for decades. Let us know which way you're leaning and our designers will help get it done.

Arched Garden Arbor

An Arched Garden Arbor is more than decoration; it’s a transformative addition to your property that will last decades. Because of both the wood quality we insist on and the amount of wood we use, we can confidently offer our long-lasting, all natural wood Arbor Kits for sale anywhere. We hope you agree. And yes, we can make it any size you need. Oh yes, we can customize that detail you're thinking about…

The Versailles Arbor

The Versailles Arbor is our most decorated arch entryway arbor. It is a small yet transformative addition to your property that will last decades. At Forever Redwood, we offer the best natural wood arbors available on the market today. Put this beautiful arch in your garden, on your walkway, patio, in your back yard, or as the entrance to your business. Its style and functionality is unmatched.

Two-Post Arched Wood Arbor

An Arched Arbor Trellis Kit with two posts sounds like a mouthful, but this subtle, dynamic Forever Redwood kit can be the perfect addition to your house. Much like the classic wooden gateways of Japan, our two-post Arched Arbor Trellis provides a widely spaced open gateway to adorn your garage, driveway, or garden.

Two-Post Wood Arbor

Two-post arbors are often used to delineate and adorn an area. They add charm, structure and shade, and are used for many landscape solutions. Our standard two-post design can be built up to 4’ wide and 16’ long. It can be extended with an additional post up to 24’ long. Each arbor is uniquely shaped to fit its desired space. You can fine tune every last detail of your arbor before we build it for you.

The Garage Arbor Kits

Your garage is an integral part of your home, and our Garage Arbor kit will compliment and adorn it perfectly. Make a simple addition into a lasting reminder of your aesthetic by greeting yourself each day with this beautiful, custom-made wood Garage Arbor kit, shipped right to your door. Our stunning, hand-crafted woodwork is durable and guaranteed to last a lifetime as the perfect addition to your garage.

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