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Outdoor Wood Pavilion Kits Handcrafted from Redwood

Your Outdoor Room for All Occasions

Add style, function, and sustainability to an outdoor space with our beautiful wood pavilion kits. Each kit is handcrafted from the finest California Redwood.

Whichever model you choose, your outdoor wood pavilion kit will make the perfect addition for large parties, outdoor meeting space, or commercial event space.

They are durable in inclement weather and give you an open-air feeling, while providing cover from the elements, all with a beautiful redwood style and durable construction.

Call (866) 332 2403 to see how easy it is to build your dream yard.

Explore Our Comprehensive Selection of Pavilion Styles, Sizes, and Custom Options:

We offer outdoor pavilion kits in a number of sizes, prices and styles. And each one is guaranteed to last from 10-30 years, depending on the model. Our entire line of outdoor pavilion kits are made with a waterproof roof, reinforced beams, and some of the most durable wood cuts on earth. We have outdoor pavilion kits designed for hot tubs, parks, outdoor kitchens, backyards, and patios, just to name a few.

Del Norte Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion

Cooking and entertaining outdoors are one of life’s true pleasures. The Del Norte Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion is the perfect way to do it right on your own property. We will build your Del Norte any size, yes - you can customize it. They are overbuilt to withstand any climate for decades. Let us show you how easy it is to make your outdoor pavilion dreams come true!

The Thick Timber Toledo Wood Pavilions

You asked for a Post and Beam Construction pavilion with a tall, high pitch expansive ceiling built with only massive timbers. We can build the Toledo any size you need. Cooking and hanging out with the family is one of life's greatest pleasures. Add an outdoor shade structure built your way, some patio furniture, some good food and let the good times roll!

The Cardinal's Nest Pavilion

Yes, you can have it any size you'd like. Yes, we can install it for you. Yes, we will prepare detailed drawings so that you can make sure everything will work perfectly before we build. The Cardinal’s Nest is our very best pavilion. No words are needed. Check out the photos, let us know the size you need and consider it installed already.

Backyard Pavilion Kits

Easily create a lovely, comfortable outdoor space with your own Backyard Pavilion Kit. Handcrafted and customized just for you, we use large, sturdy, beautifully finished California Redwood to create the perfect patio covering or outdoor dining/BBQ area. With over 25 years experience, let us show you how easy it is to transform your dream ideal outdoor space into reality.

Del Rio Cathedral Ceiling Thick Timber Pavilion

Want to build a special place outdoors? The rickety box store pavilion doesn't cut it for you? We are an old-fashioned wood working shop dedicated to keeping old traditions vibrant. The Del Rio is a classic post and beam constructed, vaulted ceiling, thick timbered beauty. We can even install it for you anywhere in the continental U.S. Yes, you can have it any size.

The Granada Pavilion

The Granada Pavilion whispers old-school style craftsmanship. We start with excellent quality fat timbers and then let our highly experienced carpenters do their magic for you. Yes, you can customize it. Yes, we can build to any size you need. And yes, if you want us to install it for you, we can also take care of that for you. Call us or chat with us and let us show you how easy it is to go from dreaming to done.

The Illuminati Porch Pavilion

The Illuminati Porch Pavilion takes the best a pergola and a pavilion to form a hybrid structure that allows the right amount of sunlight in while keeping your guests cool, comfortable, and protected from weather year round. We will build to any size and height you want, personalize it,  and we can even install if you don't have the time. We are a one stop shop. If you can dream it, we can make it.

The Breezy Small Pavilion

Breezy is light on the eyes. She is a bit more svelte than her beastly, thick timbered pavilion siblings. But make no mistake, she is no push-over and is plenty strong. Breezy is light on the wallet also. If you don't need a giant structure but are looking for a quality built, long lasting pavilion to shelter from the rain and sun, The Breezy pavilion can be built up to 14' L x 12' W. She ships complete with all hardware including the metal roofing available in many colors.

The Humboldt Log Pavilion

Logs are fun to build with, but they don't last because the bark rots quickly, the center of the log is immature young wood, and the logs always crack. So, when we were asked to build a trailhead shelter out of logs, we explained it would be best to use actual finished quality timbers free of the heart center and put them on a lathe to make them round.

Forever Porch Pavilion

Make a beautiful addition to your back or front patio with our gorgeous Attached Pavilion Kit. This Redwood Pavilion Kit can be attached to any part of your house, using the existing façade to create a new type of space for you, your friends, and your family. This is much more than just an add-on, it’s a Redwood Pavilion kit which will change how you see your home and spent time in it. 

The Del Norte Porch Pavilion

Make an instantly beautiful front, back or covered porch in any size you need. The Del Norte Porch Pavilion Kit can be attached to most homes. In some cases, we may add posts up against or near the house if there are limited ways to attach, but where there is a will, there is always a way to create the added space you need. Send in a few photos of the area and we can then discuss your plans.

Backyard Porch Pavilion

The Backyard Porch Pavilion is an artful yet serious addition to any home. It is a waterproof, long lasting solution that instantly creates a front or rear porch area. Built by truly talented carpenters – the world-class craftsmanship will surprise you.

The Loreto Pavilion

Too sunny in the yard? The Loreto Pavilion is a modern take on the traditional post and beam construction that is now back in vogue. We don’t follow fashion too closely, but the Loreto has become a very popular guy. If you are looking for a truly distinctive, thick timbered shelter to shade part of your yard for the perfect hangout spot, your Loreto can be built up to 40’ L!

Andrea's Cupola Pavilion

Too sunny in the yard? The Andrea's Cupola Pavilion is a traditional exposed post and beam construction with a matching large dormer. Each Cupola Pavilion is customized to meet your needs. Yes, any size you want. Yes, we ship to your corner of the world. Yes, we can install it for you.

Arched Thick Timber Pavilion

The Arched Thick Timber Pavilion Kit is one more of our overbuilt beauties. We can give you more words about how great it is, or just let the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” do it for us.. Check out the pictures sent by our customers. Nothing doctored up for marketing pizazz. Just the facts…. Dream big or small and consider it done.

Hot Tub Enclosure Kits / Hot Tub Pavilion

Nothing is quite like spending time in the hot tub. Tot Tub Pavilion is the perfect compliment to a good soak. It adds privacy, style, and shelters you and your hot tub so can take a dip all year long. Add a true spa feel to your hot tub right in your backyard. Let us know the size of your jacuzzi and we then design around it for a snug fit.

Kikue's Pavilion

We started with our popular Sun Gazebo’s sliding wall panels which give you the maximum flexibility as the weather changes to open or close up your structure in seconds. Then, we had a Japanese customer that wanted to add traditional Japanese lines to the roof and the beautiful open walled Kikue's Pavilion was born. Can be built up to 20’ x 20’.

Asian Fusion Pavilion

Finely finished inside and out, the beautiful open walled Asian Fusion Pavilion serves you all-year-round. Born a custom project where the customer knew exactly what she wanted. We spent the time, like we do with every order, to go through all her ideas until this beauty was born. We will never cut any corners when building a shade structure. Take a look at the photos and give us a call.

The Big Timber Carport Pavilion

Need an instant carport? Want a thick timbered beauty? Want it a particular size? Sure. Let us know about your plans and we'll give you a turnkey solution..

The Sunset Patio Pavilion

Simple lines, simple pleasures: The Sunset Patio Pavilion can be made any size and with our usual overengineering, it will last a generation no matter where you live. No synthetic plastics and no flimsy pieces. Call us today and let us know what area you really need to get a roof over to keep out the water and sun and consider it done.

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