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Pergola Kits Handcrafted from Redwood

Built to Last a Lifetime

Garden Pergola Kits from Forever Redwood are as versatile as they are beautiful. We make Pergola Kits in a number of styles, with intricately individual designs and spatial flexibility that is second to none.

There truly is something for everyone when it comes to our wide selection of Garden Pergola Kits. From Arched Pergolas, Attached Pergola Kits, and Marin Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas, we can offer a diverse range of outdoor kits to meet even the strictest demands.

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Explore Our Comprehensive Selection of Pergola Styles, Sizes, and Custom Options

All of our products, including the ones listed here, are made with sustainability in mind. As we deal with lumber as a business, we build all of our products with only restorable forestry wood. This means that not only will you be buying quality, but you will also make a minimum impact on the environment when you shop Redwood Garden Pergola Kits. They are weather resistant, built with strong supports of steel and wood, and can be assembled by hand in little to no time.

Modern Louvered Garden Pergola

The Modern Louvered Garden Pergola was born from this question: "Can I control the amount of sunlight I allow in?" Now you can! Our Modern Louvered Garden Pergolas can be small enough to use on your porch, or large enough to have as a stand-alone party and/or chill out space in your backyard. Just ask us to customize it for you!

The Silverado Modern Pergola

You say you want a Modern looking Shade Structure for your place? Check out the Silverado Modern Pergola. Yes, you can have it any size. And yes, we can install it for you anywhere in the continental U.S.

Catalina Island Pergola

Need a breezy, beautiful spot to luxuriate for a few precious moments? You don't have to travel to Catalina Island. The island will come to you!

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola

Looking for a traditional pergola that will withstand any weather for 20 years or more? Want to be sure it is completely environmentally friendly? We have over 25 years experience making the Design to Install process simple. Let us know what you need in rough terms. One of our experienced designers will email you drawings back and forth until you say “perfect, build it!”.

Retractable Canopy Pergola

The Forever Redwood Retractable Canopy Pergola is an excellent shade solution. You can build your lovely modern pergola structure to size you need. With our partnership with Infinity Canopy's retractable shade systems you can adjust the amount of shade you need in seconds.

The Lattice Pergola Kit

Need a beautiful all natural wood pergola? Want something you don't have to replace for 20 years that is truly environmentally friendly? Need it your way? Want help with the assembly? From Design to Install we make it easy. Let us know what you have in mind. We will make sure that it's something you can be proud of for years to come.

Arched Pergola Kits

If you’re looking to create a stylish, functional and durable outdoor space, the arched pergola kit is a great jumping point. The quality thick timber California Redwood transforms any space into a beautiful gathering spot. We specialize in environmentally friendly timber harvested from our on-going forest restoration work - so you know it’s both durable and environmentally friendly.

Attached Garden Pergolas

Attached Garden Pergolas are the perfect way to quickly add a shaded extension to your house without involving construction. We build our Pergolas to any size you need, and pre-assemble them in our shop to allow for a quick re-assembly at home. They attach to your house with sturdy, stylish redwood beams that are built to last.

Arched Open Sky Pergolas

The Arched Open Sky Pergola is a popular variation of our best selling Arched Pergola. It's graceful, exposed roof design can be built in almost any size and configuration imaginable. You will have a dedicated designer assigned to your order so that you fine tune your pergola to the last detail before giving us the green light to build. If you need assembly help, we can assist with that as well.

Attached Arched Pergola Kits

Need a lovely transition space when you walk outside? The sun is too intense? Need a gathering spot to watch the afternoon go by? The natural beauty of this stylish, arched pergola may be your perfect medicine! We will handcraft to the size you wish. If you don’t have time for the assembly, let us know and we will send one of our crews to put it up for you.

Sebastopol Pergolas

Some years ago a customer wanted an arching pergola as a shade structure with massive timbers. The massively overbuilt Sebastopol Pergola was born from that want, and became such an original and beautiful design that we had to create a new product. She can be built up to 24’ wide and any length you like. No words are needed – just check out the photos and let us know what you have in mind.

The L.A. Modern Pergola

The L.A. Modern Pergola was a custom job for a customer in L.A. Although we sometimes lack imagination in naming our pergolas, we are sure that you'll enjoy its design and construction. The L.A. pergola is built to order – you can dress her up with privacy panels and other accessories. If you're lacking the time for assembly, please ask about our White Glove Assembly service.

The Montvale Pergolas

The Montvale Pergolas is one of our most intricate and distinctive shade structure designs. It is built with 8x8 posts and huge roof timbers to add strength to its beautiful, symmetrical lines. Yes, it can be built to any size you need and yes, if you don't want to install it yourself, we will send a team anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Viking Pergola DIY Kits

Our Viking Pergola was originally designed to mimic a Viking Meeting house. The customer took over a month to design it with us. We will email drawings of your order for your review. With a couple of drawing revisions with your assigned designer, your perfect pergola will come to life and magically come together in your yard!

Modern Fat Timber Pergola

The Modern Fat Timber Pergola is a marriage of tradition and modernity. The lines are modern but the construction technique is old-fashioned quality thick timber handcrafting. We never use make believe wood, plastic, steel or aluminum. Just fat seasoned timbers that will last decades and fine finishing for simple natural beauty. Yes. Any size you want. Yes, customized per your input.

Cherry Hill Outdoor Pergola Kit

Our Cherry Hill Outdoor Pergola Kit is a simple, symmetrical, optically illusory beauty. It is built using deep cross notching that allows perpendicular timbers to line up on the same plane magically. They can be built as standalone structures or can be modified if you would like it attached to your home. Let us know what your particulars are and we will make sure the project is a success.

The Victorian Trellis

Walk back in time to when Queen Victoria was Sovereign and electricity the wonder of the times. As a respectable member of society, you understood the importance of designing and placing your Victorian Trellis as a focal point of your estate’s sprawling lawn. Of course, you had a talented carpentry crew custom build it to sit perfectly within your lovely manicured garden.

Small Lattice Pergola

Need a beautiful all natural wood pergola? Want something you don't have to replace for 20 years and is also priced reasonably? From Design to Install made easy. Let us know what you have in mind. This high shade lattice pergola is available up to a 14’ x 12’ size.

Small Garden Pergola Kit

The smaller brother of our Traditional Garden Pergola, the Small Garden Pergola can be made up to 14’ x 12’. If you want to stretch your budget and want something you don't have to replace for 20 years and that is truly environmentally friendly, this surprisingly strong and attractive boy may be for you.

Small Arched Pergola Kits

The Small Arched Pergola kits are a popular easy way to transform any space on your property into a beautiful gathering spot. This design is available up to a 14’ x 12’ size and ships anywhere in the U.S. quickly. It is made from durable high quality Redwood with warranties of up to 20 years.

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