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Wood Gazebo Kits Handcrafted from Redwood

Built to Last a Lifetime

Transform your outdoor space with our beautiful wood Gazebo kits and custom redwood Gazebos for sale online. Our custom wood Gazebo kits add depth and style to your property, and can accommodate you and your guests with comfort and style that is unmatched.

We use the highest quality redwood available, which is weather resistant, and 100% forest restoration lumber. Give us a call at (866) 332 2403 to get started on yours!

Sun Gazebo with Sliding Doors

Create a new flexible and beautiful living space with this gorgeous gazebo. The sliding door design gives you total flexibility to let in the fresh air and spring or summer sun, or tighten up when the weather is less inviting. Our Sun Gazebo with Sliding Doors can be built to 20’ x 20’, and is pre-assembled in our shop before shipping to ensure a smooth and swift re-assembly on site. Let us know what you have in mind and consider it done.

Kikue's Tea House

Yes! A real traditional Japanese Tea House! This gorgeous, supremely flexible design takes you from complete privacy to a sun-filled open pavilion in seconds. Can be built up to 20’ x 20’ and we can install anywhere in the Continental U.S. Please check out our photos. Let us show you how easy it is to make your dreams come true.

DIY Wood Gazebo

Create a brand new indoor space in your back yard with our DIY Wood Gazebo. This covered and walled Gazebo can be a private, quiet space to relax in, or a place to socialize with friends and family. You can even put your hot tub inside, or transform it into a mini yoga/workout space. It’s all up to you. We will build it per your instructions.

Spa Gazebo Kit

With our Spa Gazebo Kits, you have the perfect space for rest and relaxation right in your backyard. The Wood Spa Gazebos can be used for just about anything you can imagine and can be built up to 20’ x 20’. Let your imagination run wild and customize as needed: perhaps you'd like to include a sunroof to let some extra light year-round. Call or email us and let us know what you are dreaming about…

Octagonal Sunroom Gazebo

The Octagonal Sunroom gazebo is one of our most loved designs. It was originally designed to extend the warm season in colder climates, but our customers use it forr almost anything you can think of.

Don's Hexagonal Gazebo Kit

Check out our new take on traditional Gazebos with Don’s Hexagonal Gazebo Kit. Don is demanding. We didn’t dare say no to him. He wanted his hexagonal gazebo to be sturdy with many options. We said "done." He wanted sliding windows with screens for cross ventilation. Done. Don created the blueprint - you can add your touches to build the perfect private space in your backyard!

Dream Gazebos

Make your dreams of an outdoor addition come true with a beautiful Redwood Dream Gazebo. 'The Dream' has internal walls, sliding windows with screens, and some customers have even added insulation and vapor barriers to allow for year round use. Create an elegant yet durable new living space designed your way. On site assembly is usually 3 days. These Gazebos truly are a dream.

Kid's Backyard Cabin

The first Backyard Cabin was designed for an 8 year young lady that needed a place to get away.

The Palo Alto Backyard Cabin

The first The Palo Alto Backyard Cabin was designed for an 8 year young lady that needed a place to get away.

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